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John McGouran


(416) 930-1113

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Kyle Bodnarchuk

Vice-President of Sales

(416) 517-0039

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VIncent Noel

Quebec Regional Manager

(514) 586-6874

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Maria Musikka

Production Manager

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Somang Chung

Operations Manager

(416) 591-0093

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Elena Okulova

Marketing Manager

(416) 591-0093;209

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Michael La Fave

Editorial & Creative Director

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Peter Saltsman

Editor-In-Chief, Sharp

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Sahar Nooraei

Editor-In-Chief, S/ Magazine

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Joanna Kam

Art Director

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Eric Mutrie

Managing Editor, Sharp

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Briana Armson

Managing Editor, S/ Magazine

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Haley Dach

Fashion Editor, S/ Magazine

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Joshua Greenblatt

Online Editor, Sharp

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Shelby Furber

Social Media Manager

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